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Rector's Message

In the name of Allah the Most Merciful,

  We are delighted to welcome you to Hadhramout University (HU) which is a governmental University of colleges spread in a geographical area of (260,329) KM2.

 It is a great honor that the University of Hadhramout is witnessing a remarkable development in various academic aspects amid the current crisis that Yemen has gone through for years and the scientific, political and economic challenges and the community needs. Despite this, Hadhramout University has adopted a strategic vision to make quality and excellence in education, scientific research and community service. In addition, HU has put new strategies to qualify and develop its students to become tools of changes in society and future national leaders.

 Over the past 20 years, the University has adopted quality in education. And in the five years ago, it started of evaluation and development of the academic programs. That's in addition to develop the academic programs and conducting a number of self-assessment studies all in the framework of the University efforts to achieve excellence and innovation, and raising the level of its graduates to compete in the local and regional labor market.

  Hadhramout University has a historical heritage that is commanded by the sons of Hadhramout in various parts of the world. Hadhramout University will remain a shining light for the community, a leader of change and a resource of qualified staffs and a platform for innovation, creativity and excellence.

Prof. Mohamed Saeed Khanbash.

President of Hadhramout University.