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The College of Administrative Sciences Organizes a Workshop

  • 4/3/2018
  • College’s News
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A workshop entitled “A Guide to Preparing Scientific Theses in the Department of Business Administration” was held at the College of Administrative Sciences at Hadhramout University and under the sponsorship of Dr. Mohammed Ahmed Balhaweisal, Dean of the College. The workshop reviewed an explanation of the instructions of postgraduate studies and a discussion on the methods and steps of writing scientific theses, how to benefit from the previous studies and identify the research gap. It aimed at introducing guidelines and procedures related to writing the scientific theses and documenting its resources, introducing the students to the concepts of developing scientific research skills by using references in libraries and electronic databases, and how to organize the research draft.

   For her part, Dr. Laila Bahwireth, Dean’s Deputy for Academic Affairs, expressed her happiness at conducting the scientific workshop, which helps the postgraduate students to write their scientific theses in high quality. Also she expressed her gratitude to the Department of Business Administration for organizing such distinguished scientific workshops.

 For his part, Dr. Salah Belkheir, Head of Business Administration Department said that the workshop was conducted through the concerted efforts of all the Department members who realized the importance of carrying out the workshop before the postgraduate students start their scientific theses.

 The Workshop discussed five scientific papers: "Procedures and General Guidelines in Writing the Scientific Theses" presented by Dr. Salah Belkheer, "Previous Studies and Methodological Linkage" presented by Dr. Khalid Al-Jabri”, "Tabulating and Documenting Scientific Theses" presented by Dr. Mohsen Bin Kaleib, " Searching for References in Libraries and Electronic Databases" presented by Dr. Hani Belafir, and finally "Organizing and Writing the Research Draft" presented by Dr. Khalid Al-Kaldi.

The Workshop was attended by: Dr. Mahfouz Al-Masli, Dean’s Deputy of the College of Administrative Sciences for Students Affairs, Dr. Fayez Bamzahm and Mr. Ali Ahmed Amara, General Trustee of the College, besides BA and MA students of Business Administration Department, at the College of Administrative Sciences, Hadhramout University.