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College of Arts Describes Academic Courses

  • 8/6/2018
  • College’s News
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Funded by Al-Awn Foundation for Development, the Academic Development & Quality Assurance Center at HU organized a training course entitled "Course Specification" presented by Dr. Salem Mohamed Bafqeer to the academic faculty staff of the College of Arts to develop the academic programs.

In the opening session, Prof. Abdullah Saleh Babaeer, Rector's Deputy for Academic Affairs, confirmed that the College of Arts takes an important step in describing courses, as it holds this course which has an impact on the description of the academic programs as well as the outcomes of the colleges. He also pointed out that academic courses should be in line with developed programs which help to put  courses in academic forms in order to reach the wished quality and academic accreditation.

During the course, the participants received a number of main themes in course description, how to write its components, study plans, teaching strategy, writing the final learning outcomes, and other related topics.