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Impact of Drugs & Qat on Individual & Society

  • 3/31/2019
  • College’s News
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As part of the educational and awareness raising lectures program for Hadhramout University students, the College of Arts held a lecture entitled “Impact of Drugs & Qat on the Individual & Society”. It was presented by Mr. Abdullah Ahmed Alahmadi, Director of Drug Enforcement Administration, Dr. Fathia Mohamed Bahshwan, Dean of Women’s College, and Dr. Abdullah Bousbaha, head of Philosophy and Sociology Department at the College of Arts.

 The lecturers introduced students to the risks of drugs and qat, their impact on the individual and society, penalties and legal, social and guidance aspects, in addition to the importance of community awareness and how to deal with family and community problems.

At the end of the lecture, they urged students to make use of such lectures that contribute to skills development, enhancement of abilities, and tackling social issues.