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To be distinguished and experts in the field of marketing nationally and regionally.


Marketing program seeks to provide the markets( its organizations and individuals) with distinctive and creative working hands in marketing activity to achieve the objectives of consumers, organizations and society by adopting theoretical and practical scientific programs.


1. Providing students with various concepts and theoretical marketing knowledge to build a good theoretical foundation in their specialized scientific composition. 2. Providing students with marketing skills and capabilities related to marketing process elements, making plans, strategies designing and linking it to the practical applying. 3. Preparing students to make marketing researches, which help them to finish their graduated studies. 4. Composing specialized students' personalities, and promoting the marketing values and ethics that consistent with the Islamic values. 5. Contributing effectively to the development of promoters in different sectors of society. 6. Rehabilitation and training of job seekers, through specialized programs. 7. Rising marketing awareness as well as providing solutions, studies and consulting marketing.

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