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Overview Of Islamic Studies


Before joining Hadhramout University, the Department of Islamic Studies (DIS) was a department of the College of Education at the University of Aden. DIS has an outstanding academic faculty staff including Mr. Abdulla Mahfoudh Al Haddad, who is one of the founders of the department.

Scientific Degrees

.Bachelor degree in Islamic Studies

:Master degree in the following majors

         Islamic Doctrine and Divine Religions

        Fundamentals of Jurisprudence  

        Interpretation and Quran Sciences

        Hadith and Sauna Sciences.


The Department conducts several activities, including participation in events that are held in forums and associations, teaching the Holy Quran and its sciences in the mosques of Mukalla, participating in public and private seminars and forums, as well as awareness and education programs in armed forces and security units through lectures by the department members. In addition to the  student week which is held every academic year, and supervising research projects for the fourth level students at the end of each academic year.

Heads of the Department



Academic Degree




Abdullah Mohamed Al-Khulani

Associate Professor

Interpretation and Quran Sciences

2012 - 2015


Abdullah Bruk Baltyour

Associate Professor

Doctrine and Religions




To be a pioneering Department in Sharia sciences and scientific research in accordance with quality standards.



We seek to instill the Islamic Identity, disseminate the Moderation Approach, and prepare high-qualified graduates to serve society.



  1. To prepare high competent and well experienced graduates to teach Islamic education.

  2. To distinguish between right and wrong in the field of belief and its manifestation through the Quranic verses and the prophetic Hadiths on a method based on moderation and moderation

  3. To highlight the keys to dealing with the books of interpretation and the graduation of the Hadiths, creeds, religions, contemporary doctrines, jurisprudence, principles, affirmation, ethics and Islamic thought, the original light derived from the divine revelation.

  4. To sharpen students' minds by providing them with the right knowledge and concepts to work as role models in the fields of social, legal, and social life.

  5.  To qualify researchers in scientific specializations through the courses taught by the department.


  1. Adhering to ethical and professional standards.

  2. Objectivity and transparency.

  3. Teamwork.

  4. Quality and excellence.



Graduate Classes
Graduate Students