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Dean’s Message

Yasser Ahmed Al-Qahoum

  We are pleased to welcome you to this part of the site to introduce the college of Law/Hadhramout University. This college, which was founded in response to the Governorate's needs to legal graduates, and in order to give its sons a chance to finish their postgraduate studies in the specialization of Law inside rather than travelling to other governorates.

 The establishment of the college of Law has been a dream for us that we achieved and now we are following the rest of the universities. We are proud today to provide them with legal outcomes, as the fourth and fifth batches are going to graduate.

  In the following pages, we tried to highlight the most important aspects in order to introduce the college and its outcomes, hoping to give a preliminary and incentive image of the college to visit in the new building in the Colleges Complex- Fuawh/ Al-Mustaqbal Neighborhood.

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