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Dean’s Message

Mohamed Ashoor Al-Kathiri

Women’s College / Seiyun started its first academic year in 2009/2010 and after eight years from its opening, it is to graduate its fifth batch. It is the third College in Hadhramout Valley besides the other two Colleges: College of Education / Seiyun and College of Practical Sciences, and the seventeenth of Hadhramout University. Women’s College / Seiyun has set its vision, mission and goals, and it striven to achieve them through the available facilities.

Women’s College / Seiyun has been the gate that contributed to the breakage of the societal hesitancy barrier towards the continuation of women’s university education. However, there has been a growing approach in a great way towards university education not only at the Women’s College but also in all the Colleges and specializations.

Our ambition and trust in our daughters make us eager not only to provide a bachelor stage but also to provide the opportunity for the outstanding and ambitious ones to continue their postgraduate studies. Therefore, the College has started two Master’s programs in Islamic Studies: Jurisprudence & its Fundamentals, and Hadith & Sunna Sciences, which are considered the first postgraduate programs in Hadhramout University at the level of the Colleges of Hadhramout Valley. 

Women’s College / Seiyun which includes three departments (Islamic studies, English Language, and kindergarten) is distinguished by being expanding for the chances of the students in the labor market through the unique courses of the College, and through providing them with sessions and assistive skills programs. We say it with all confidence that our graduate students have been qualified through excellent study programs, creative implementation, and high discipline. 

The College did not overlook its role in community service, but it tries to achieve its different objectives that include education, scientific research, and community service, as some members of the teaching staff have participated in scientific conferences and seminars with their scientific researches. Also, the College has implemented continuous learning sessions, and contributed to the activities of several institutions of civil community. It has also contributed in spreading the awareness in many towns in the area through specialized lectures. Besides, the College has good connections with many institutions of the civil community in the area.

Women’s College / Seiyun confirms its fully readiness to perform mutual activities with all the bodies and institutions towards achieving the common goals and serving the community.

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