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Dean’s Message

Abdulqader Awad Bajbeer

In the name of Allah the Most Merciful,

 Dear our students, dear our College colleagues from the teaching staff and employees and all our dear visitors, we are delighted to welcome you in the College of Education- Seiyun at Hadhramout University.

  As the student is the main focus of the educational process, vitality and its very existence, his/ her preparation for facing life and its challenges in the present and future is the target that we seek to achieve. And based on that the College of Education aims to build qualified graduates with theoretical knowledge, practical experience and positive behaviors and have the ability to apply them in building themselves and improving their community. That's in addition to provide high-quality  education according to international standards, develop the level of the academic services which are provided to students, improve the academic programs in accordance with the needs of the labor market, and adopting self-study philosophy in problem solving and lifelong learning. 

 Moreover, the College strategic plan seeks to focus on scientific research, spread the culture of scientific research and creativity, and encourage the qualified members of the teaching staff and students to contribute to the knowledge industry and  ensure the preparation of trained graduates capable of innovation and achieving the leadership in their fields of specialization and in their community.

 Our College includes a distinguished teaching staff which work in the team spirit  and the most important characteristic of this team is the spirit of harmony, love and cooperation, and  they work hard to help students and encourage them to dialogue and openness to different cultures to raise their educational level which is reflected on their professional performance in their workplace.

 In conclusion, we ask Allah the Almighty to protect our homeland and our people, to make us always guided and help us to reform our youth to serve their religion, their homeland and their government..

Best Wishes...                                                    


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