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Dean’s Message

Mohamed Awad Barshaid

Dear visitors,

It is my pleasure to welcome you all to the new website of the College of Arts. We hope that you will enjoy browsing our webpages and find it enlightening and fruitful.

2005 /2006 was the first academic year of the College of Arts, which is one of the most important Colleges in Hadhramout University (HU). It is a famous college for its teaching staff and specializations that affect the society and develop its thought and culture through the graduation of well-rounded graduates in various fields.The outstanding activities of the College represent the window of HU to the local and global environment.

Our College seeks to achieve the objectives of university education through the continuous development of educational programs and curricula to keep up with the academic development and quality that HU seeks to achieve. Our Deanship look forward to opening new Master and PhD programs in different specializations.

We aim to consolidate the genuine values of the society, respect for others, equality among all members of society, close the views between the members of the community and its institutions, and develop the skills of students. In addition to prepare generations having the spirit and love of Hadhramout in particular and Yemen in general, solve its problems and contribute effectively and continuously to its construction through outstanding researches, and come up with creative solutions and suggestions for a better future.

Best wishes…