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Dean’s Message

Mohamed Abdullah Bamatraf

It is well known that the role played by technology in our lives is one of the core pillars for the advancement of communities in the current era. The decision to establish the College of Computers and Information Technology (CIT) at Hadhramout University (HU) was the focus of the University interest in IT sector and in response to the rapid development in the world in this field. Therefore, 2017/2018 was the first academic year. This step was based on HU mission, which seeks to play a key role in developing the infrastructure and promoting the country to high scientific levels in addition to the urgent need to have an independent college of CIT that includes various disciplines of computing.

Our College has set ambitious objectives to serve the community development by graduating highly qualified professionals in the field of computers and information technology, who contribute to meeting the growing needs of the community at the local, regional and international levels.

Best wishes…