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Dean’s Message

Najat Ahmed Busaba

Women’s College / Mukalla (WCM) is one of the first three colleges on which Hadhramout University was founded. It was opened on February 2nd 1996, and the teaching process started in the academic year 1996/1997. WCM has gone through many developmental stages since its establishment. While the number of the students who were enrolled in the College did not exceed (24) students in its second year, today it contains more than eight hundred students. It grants the bachelor degree in five specializations in addition to a master program in the specialization of  Kindergarten. At the present time and like the other colleges of Hadhramout  University, WCM has entered a new phase of development through evaluating the academic programs and the study plans which will be reflected positively on the College outcomes, enhance its presence, and achieve its objectives in community service.

We are pleased to introduce WCM and its academic aspects and departments especially that it has celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the College establishment on the eighth of February 2017.  That is considered a firm achievement on its own which confirms that women in Hadhramout become aware of the importance of education as an essential pillar to help them achieve their ambitions so as to become aware of their role in building generations and contribute to the comprehensive development in Yemen.

With our sincere wishes of excellence and success.


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