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Dean’s Message

In ancient and modern times, especially in Islamic societies, women have been a source of light in all fields. They were queens, judges, poets, artists, writers, warriors, and narrators of the noble Prophet's Hadiths. So far, women in Islamic societies continue to struggle and contribute fully to the care of their home and family members. She is the mother who has the responsibility to educate the next generations, the wife who runs the house and directs its economy, besides, she is a daughter, sister or wife.

Since development is based on mobilizing the human potentials of society without discrimination between women and men, attention to women and their role in the development of society is an essential part of the development process itself, in addition to its direct impact on the other half. Women constitute half of society and thus half of its productive capacity. The progress of any society is closely linked to the progress of women and their ability to participate in economic and social development. When we look at the role of women in development, we must look at it within the context of comprehensive development in all their economic, social, cultural and political dimensions, and within the targeted development that is based on originality and cultural renewal. 

The idea of ​​establishing a Center of Studies and Training for Women at Hadhramout University is a wise decision to solve the problems of the society and promote it. It is very important to develop the skills and knowledge of women and change their life for the better.

Best wishes...