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Deputy’s Message

 The University Rector's Deputy for Academic Affairs (URDAA) works together with the University Rector ( UR), the other UR's Deputies, Deans of the colleges and Managers of various centers at the University to enhance and achieve the mission and objectives of HU.

URDAA also monitors the educational process in the University and the programs of Academic Development & Quality Assurance for developing the technical performance of the teaching staff & assistants (TTA), as well as assesses and develops academic programs. Furthermore, URDAA solves problems, holds discussions with  concerned authorities inside and outside the University to provide support for the educational process, and follows up on the TTA's issues ratified by the Yemeni Universities Law and its Executive Regulation. URDAA supervises and monitors the work progress in the academic & technical centers and general administrations of  the Academic Office.

Article No.( 36 ), item No.(1) of the Executive Regulation of the Yemeni Universities Law issued in 2007 by the Presidential Decree No. ( 32) stipulates the tasks of URDAA.